Dr Ott's Practice

Dr. Ott’s private practice focuses on psychopharmacology in children, adolescents, and adults. More specifically, Dr. Ott has particular expertise in the areas of neuropsychiatry, developmental disabilities (including autism/mental retardation), attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and childhood psychosis. He is often sought out for his expertise and skills in the management of difficult and complicated cases. Furthermore, he has extensive experience working with individuals with neurological disorders (epilepsy/seizures, brain injury, tics, other movement disorders) and/or developmental disabilities (mental retardation, autism, Asperger’s Syndrome) as well as comorbid behavioral/psychiatric disorder. Given this background, Dr. Ott is a frequent lecturer (academic, CME and pharmaceutical sponsored events) and consultant, as well as expert witness in legal cases for both the plaintiffs and defendants.

Currently, the services provided by Dr. Ott include comprehensive psychiatric diagnostic assessments, psychopharmacological medication management, second opinion consultations, and case management (evaluation and referral to other appropriate providers). The initial evaluation and consultation are usually scheduled for two separate 60 minute sessions.

Although Dr. Ott focuses on psychopharmacology/neuropsychiatry, his approach can be considered holistic or comprehensive. He often makes referrals to other clinicians for therapy (individual, family, conjoint, group, social skills, etc.), testing (psychological, neuropsychological, speech and language), other interventions (occupational/sensory integration therapy, speech therapy), and even alternative approaches.